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Pagans Living With Diabetes

Diabetic Pagan
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This is a community for pagans who are - or have loved ones who are - diabetic.
It's intended to provide a place to find connection, networking, & support.
Let's share ideas, questions, Sabbat recipes, and problem solving for the unique diabetic situations we encounter...
for example: for those that are insulin dependant; how does one adequately keep one's medication refridgerated at a gathering or festival? (I have yet to know of any festivals that provide this service)

Diabetes and Paganism does not necessarily have a 'universal commonality' within the greater Pagan Community, and one does not necessarily effect the other on a Pagan 'community-wide' basis - but there are are challenges that are specific to a *Pagan* diabetic, that may not be effect *all* diabetics. (and vice versa)
Here in this community we hope to address those challenges - and to support each other in discovering ways to meet those challenges.

Feel free to share your stories and advice.