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serpentes3 in diabeticpagan

Dirt Lover with the 'Betes

 Greetings! I am newly hatched within this community. I have been living with Latent Autoimmune Adult Diabetes now for 7 years and am planning on starting the pump today. Any experienced Pumpers out there? I am a bit concerned about how I am going to keep the infusion set in with my 1 year attached to me. Any advice or preferences on infusion sets?
Many Blessings~



I've been on the pump for about sixteen years. What type are you getting? I've got a Minimed, and I am well experienced with their Sof-Sets, which are excellent, but you do have to be careful with them, as occasionally on insertion they can be flawed, and unless you know what you're looking for and what's going on, you can end up several hours later in a bad position because the insulin hasn't been getting in...

As for keeping it in with a 1-year old...Well, I wouldn't think it would be too hard. One develops an instinct for protecting the site very quickly, and you'd have to actively want to grab and rip or pull it out in order for that to occur. A bit of extra tape (tegaderm dressings, for example) certainly can go a long way to preventing accidents as well.

And, on a totally unrelated note: one of the best things about insulin pumps and paganism is that if you're doing a spell, or have a particular talisman or what have you, that is meant to work primarily on yourself, one of the best things I've always found to do is to attach it to the insulin pump. Then you always have it, and whatever the magic effect is you're going for, it's piggy-backing its way directly into your body via the pump (in a manner of speaking). But, your own mileage may vary on that score.

In any case, good luck with it!